Many Russian companies are looking for new German suppliers. Whether concerning a production plant, a measuring system or innovative materials, the demand is huge and is still growing! We have direct contact to many Russian industrial companies that are interested in your products and have entrusted us with the purchase in Germany.


Your benefits:

1. As we act as an “extended arm” of Russian customers, you have the opportunity to sell your products directly to customers and avoid Russian wholesalers.

2. Legally, you sell your products to a German company hereby possible Russian wholesaler exclusive rights remain intact.

3. Since we are primarily engineers, we can support technical communication with your customers much better than mere salespersons. If required we also take over the translation of your technical documentation!

4. You always have a competent contact person in Germany, when it comes to customer feedback or for a solution to arising problems

5. We are prepared to support your specialists during their business trips to Russia (organisation, technical communication and assistance by problem solving).


The Contents:

marker Benchmarking for German producers in Russia (opportunities for your products)

marker Purchase of German industrial goods have been entrusted to us by Russian companies and in their own name

markerBenchmarking for Russian companies in Germany (who can supply the desired industrial product)

marker Handling the entire logistics process

marker Technical and other communication

marker Customer feedback and problem solving, as well as an after sales service



Since our inception, we have specialised in the Russian market (automotive and supplier industries, as well as general mechanical engineering) and work on diverse modernisation projects where your products may be in demand.

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