Indicator systems



In your financial plan it is written that in the coming year you want to increase the turnover by X% and the return by Y%.

What does your success depend on now? It depends primarily on your production workers. Therefore, you need a suitable key performance indicator, which is connected to your financial data and enables its own DAILY performance measurement and validation of corrective action taken.

Your benefits:

1. Your production receives its own flexible system of indicators which are connected to your financial data and which can be understood by the entire production team.

2. You use this key performance indicator much less for the accounts, but much more for the operative control of your production on a daily or shift basis.

3. Your employees are enabled to appraise whether, today, they have worked better than yesterday and whether it suffices to reach the business goals you have set for the current year.

4. Any arising discrepancies as well as the effectiveness of the countermeasures will be immediately visible.

5. Apart from the actual figures your employees receive a proven and tested method for a performance- driven problem solving process.

6. Our specialists have introduced this system among others in the plant, and were later awarded the "Factory of the Year"


The contents:

marker Business Operating System (BOS) and Manufacturing Operating System (MOS)

marker Shaping the team notice boards and communication area

marker Development of relevant indicator areas and forms for the visualisation of the current production position and the problem solving process

marker Introduction of standard communication

marker Training the relevant personnel (data processing, preparation and visualisation; teamwork and structured problem solving)

marker Ensuring sustainability through active management concepts and development of an entrepreneurial mentality with the line staff

marker Etablierung of KVP/Kaizen


depending on company size


up to 30 years international experience in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering business areas (OEMs & supplier) and mechanical engineering.

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