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Are you looking for a reliable partner in Russia to found a joint venture? Or do you want to buy or sell in Russia? Or perhaps you would like a Russian investor? We have been specialising in Russia for years and whatever shape your plans may take, we help you to find the right partners and to secure a foothold on the Russian market. We react quickly and are competent and provide value for money.

Your benefits:

1. You immediately receive relevant information from our extensive company database. We have already done onsite investigations for you, evaluating quality, technology and personnel.

2. You profit from our partnerships with many important bodies in Russia, e.g. to the Russian Industrial Supply Association, the Casting Association and to diverse certification bodies, among others.

3. You avoid mistakes with technical communication because our Russian speaking engineers have studied and worked both in Russia and Germany enabling them to communicate better than conventional interpreters.

4. Thanks to our knowledge of Russian mentality and habits you avoid many mistakes and misunderstandings.

The contents:

marker Market investigations (we offer you detailed profiles of potentially suitable partners in Russia / CIS countries)

marker We support you with general and technical communication

marker We advise you about your chances and risks on the Russian market

marker When required we engage the Russian authorities to check the safety of potential partners.

marker We investigate on site selected Russian companies (quality management systems, technology and personnel)

marker We accompany your specialists to Russia and look after your Russian guests.


Russian speaking German engineers with the long industry experiments in Russia and worldwide.

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